Wednesday, 8 June 2016

How to view import history in SAP ?

 In real time scenarios, there will be circumstances like
i) You are facing particular issue from a particular day. So, after analysis, you have suspected this could be due to some transports done on a particular duration. So, now we need to know what are the transports imported between this duration
ii) You have restored data of SAP quality system and did system refresh to setup another training SAP system. After some days, some transports were done to Quality system. Now, you would like to perform transport sync to ensure these systems are consistent.
In the above scenarios, you would like to know what were the transports imported into SAP system between any 2 dates/times. This can be done by viewing import history at SAP level.

To view the import history, proceed as follows :

1)   Login to SAP ABAP system and goto STMS transaction code as below and click on truck icon to goto import overview of the SAP system.

2) In the below screen select and double click the SAP system and for which you would like to view the import history

3) Then you can view Import Queue of the SAP system.

4) To view transport import done between any 2 dates (import history), right click on this screen which pops some options. Select Import history from that popmenu or press ctrl + F7 button to view the import history screen as below

5) In the above screen, you can select the To date and from date and specify time interval to view the transports that were done between these 2 time periods.

The resulting output will be similar to below screen


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